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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 25

Difficulty Rating: 10

Riki the explorer was casually flipping through an ancient Egyptian text in his library when he read that the EverStone (supposedly the most beautiful, rarest and most expensive gem in the world) actually exists, contrary to the beliefs of many people who think that this gem is but a myth. Apparently the Everstone is located in a pyramid, where the body of a famous pharoah lies. In the book were several blurred paintings of the interior of the tomb:

Based on these pictures, the experienced adventurer was able to locate the tomb in which this mystical EverStone lies, and headed for the Egyptian tomb. Upon stepping into the pyramid, Riki noticed that the entrance of the cave was rather dark:

But the rooms within the tomb seemed surprisingly bright. He found many artifacts in the first room he entered, but could not seem to find the prized gem:

In another room, he spotted nothing but a rotting skeleton.

He headed to the last room, feeling rather hopeful, especially since the room was glittering gold. Unfortunately, he was disappointed with his findings in that room.

Surely the elusive EverStone is more than just a myth?

In which spot (1-26) is the EverStone hidden?
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