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Welcome to Chork's Puzzles (Revived)! Feeling inspired to create my own puzzles again, I've decided to set new challenging puzzles to boggle you all once again! (:

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chork's Puzzle 52

Difficulty Rating: 7

Trying to earn some extra cash, Roland decided to open a lemonade stall.

On his first day, he only managed to sell 16 cups of lemonade. The next day wasn't any better. It was raining really heavily and few people passed by his stall, so he only managed to sell 8 cups.

After reviewing his performance for the past 2 days, he decided to decorate his stand to make it look more attractive so that it will draw more people to his lemonade stand. His publicity stunt worked, for he managed to sell 33 cups of lemonade the next day.

Soon, word went round that there is a new lemonade stall selling cheap and nice lemonade. To Roland's surprise, sales was so good the next day that a whooping 89 cups of lemonade were sold. On the fifth day, Roland's good sales continued - he managed to sell 78 cups of lemonade.

It was soon obvious that Roland's sales were following a certain pattern.

A few days later, it was the first time after the 3rd day that Roland sold less than 40 cups of lemonade.

How many cups of lemonade did Roland sell that day?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chork's Puzzle 51

Difficulty Rating: 2

After the major puzzle 50 is over, Chork's Puzzles are back and running! Now, Chork is feeling real bored and decides to use the digits 2, 4, 6, 8 to form different 5 digit numbers. After forming all the possible 5 digit numbers, he arranges them in ascending order.

What is the 510th number?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 50

Difficulty Rating: 10

As promised, the mega big puzzle 50!

Note: You may want to help others along with the puzzle but DO NOT release answers.

NEW: There is now an FAQ to help you through some of the levels. Only use the clues when you are really stuck so you do not spoil your fun! (:

Complete the 50 levels of the puzzle.
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


The commemorative puzzle 50 is under construction at the moment. Please check back on Nov 27 for the release of puzzle 50 (: Meanwhile, if you know of any good free webhosts please recommend. (:

Friday, November 17, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 49

Difficulty Rating: 4

On another of Chork's trips, he visited this small rural village called the Village of Uso. There were only 11 inhabitants in this village and the interesting fact about them is that they either always lie or always tell the truth. Upon reaching the village, Chork was warmly welcomed by the villagers who held a small party for him. As 2 of the villagers, Jessie and Kevin were sick, they were not present at the party. Nevertheless, Chork soon engaged himself with a conversation with the 9 other villagers:

"Say, out of the 11 villagers here, how many of you always lie?" Chork asked.

And Chork received a rather interesting reply from the 9 villagers present.

Andy's answer was 10.
Ben's answer was 7.
Colin's answer was 3.
Debbie's answer was 6.
Eric's answer was 11.
Fanny's answer was 5.
Gilly's answer was 6.
Hannah's answer was 4.
Isaac's answer was 10.

How many of the 11 villagers always lie?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 48

Difficulty Rating: 1

Previous Rebus: Puzzle 07 | Puzzle 20

It's rebus time with Hebie!

Hebie decides to set a rebus based on something she's wearing:


Solve the rebus above.
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.


Following the appearance of Riki the explorer, to give the regulars a fresher look (yep Riki the explorer is going to be a regular, so are a few other types of puzzles).

Here are the regulars on Chork's puzzles! (: You can look forward to seeing them more regularly! (That's why they are regulars!)

Riki's Adventures featuring RIKI
Get your hiking equipment ready and join Riki on his treasure hunting trips and explorations! (: Riki's adventures feature some of the most challenging puzzles on the site.

Previous Riki's Adventures: Puzzle 25 | Puzzle 47

Hanjies featuring HANJIE MASTER
Solve the hanjies and uncover the hidden cool picture!

Previous hanjies: Puzzle 09 | Puzzle 16 | Puzzle 43

Hebie's Rebus featuring HEBIE
Decipher what Hebie is trying to say in her latest rebus!

Previous Rebus: Puzzle 07 | Puzzle 20

Fallen Phrases featuring BERRIE
Letters have fallen down from their columns and it is your task to fit them back in and answer the question!

Previous Fallen Phrases: Puzzle 45

These characters are mainly to liven up the Chork's puzzles! Hope you will enjoy solving the upcoming puzzles, especially the *MEGA* special puzzle 50 ;)

P.S. LOOKING FOR FREE WEBHOSTING (~1GB monthly bandwidth, >50MB space) for puzzle 50. Please recommend any good sites in the comments section if you know of any. Preferably no ads, or else banner ads are also acceptable. (:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 47

Difficulty Rating: 7

Previous Riki's Adventures: Puzzle 25

Riki the explorer bids you to follow him on his latest adventure again! Having secured the Everstone in puzzle 25, Riki feels more confident to go for another treasure hunting trip! Here's Riki, all packed and ready to go!

This time round, he is journeying into the depths of the Amazon rainforest to hunt for a rare tribal totem.

After a long trudge through the forest, Riki and you finally found yourselves before an ancient tomb. The tomb was well hidden amongst lush vegetation, and the stone tomb door was closed. Beside the tomb were some statues with letters engraved below them. Are they worth inspecting...?

Just then, the sharp-eyed Riki quickly spotted 10 levers near the tomb, labelled A-J from left to right. The levers look old from disuse. Still, both of you do not have any other clues to help you all along, so perhaps pulling one of these levers might help.

Riki was about to pull the lever nearest to him when he realised a similar message was engraved on each of the levers: "Be warned, intruders! Only one lever opens the door to the sacred chamber. The rest will bring you certain doom..."

Riki gulped. This is too risky to be left to chance.

Which lever should he pull?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 46

Difficulty rating: 4

Jack owns a paint shop. As business had been rather bad lately, he decided to clear his older stock by holding a promotion, where customers get to buy 3 cans of paint for the price of 2. He decided to package these cans of paint in a promotion box, which has a square base area. The cans of paint are perfectly cylindrical in shape and the diameters of the tin lids are all 10cm. He was pondering over how he should best fit the cans of paint in a square base box such that he would minimize the materials used for the box.

"How about this arrangement?" His friend suggested, "We just need a 20cm by 20cm square base box."

Jack gasped at the gaping hole in this arrangement. What a waste of space! Surely, there was a better arrangement to place 3 cylinders in a square base box?

To the nearest 0.01cm, what is the side length of the smallest square base that can fit the 3 cans of paint?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 45

Difficulty Rating: 5

Below each column, the letters to be filled into that empty boxes in that column are given, but not in the correct order. By filling in the empty boxes in the right order, you will obtain the question for this puzzle.

What is the answer?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 44

Difficulty Rating: 1

It was raining really heavily and 4 children, Armin, Bob, Chork and Don were stuck in school. They all wanted to get to the nearby MRT station but the route there was completely unsheltered and they all didn't want to get wet. Luckily, they had an umbrella. However, the umbrella could only shelter 2 people at any one time.

Armin takes 3 minutes to cover the distance from school to the MRT station (and vice versa). Bob takes 4 minutes. Chork takes 6 minutes and Don, who is rather slow, takes 10 minutes.

Now, their task is to get to the MRT station in the shortest time possible. However, note that when 2 people are sharing an umbrella, the faster person must accomodate the slower one and walk at his speed. Also, someone would have to bring the umbrella from the MRT station back to school so that the remaining children can continue using the umbrella.

What is the shortest time needed to get all 4 children to the MRT station, sheltered with an umbrella?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 43

Difficulty Rating: 4

Previous hanjies: Puzzle 09 | Puzzle 16

Hanjie is a fascinating Japanese picture puzzle. Each puzzle consist of a grid of empty white squares. At the bottom and right hand side of each puzzle are a set of numbers which dictate how many cells in that row or column must be coloured in. Shading the grid according to this set of numbers will reveal a picture! (:

Now, if the bottom of a column says "5", it means that in that column, 5 consecutive cells are coloured. If a row says "2, 3, 4", it means that in the row, there are 3 discrete sets of cells to be coloured, and each set of cells are 2, 3, 4 cells in length, and in that order. There must be at least one empty cell between each set of cells to distinguish between them (ie the 2, 3, 4 cannot be joined together to form a long 9 cell set).

Using logic, you should be able to deduce which cells in a particular row or column should be coloured in. You may, however, need to use cross referencing with different rows and columns or elimination.

And here's the hanjie for puzzle 43!

What is the hidden picture?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 42

Difficulty Rating: 4

To commemorate the 42nd puzzle, Chork has decided to pack 42,000,000 gems to be given away. He decided to pack the 42,000,000 gems as such: In bag #1, he places 1 gem. In bag #2, he places 2 more gems than he did in bag #1. In bag #3, he places 3 more gems than he did in bag #2. He continues this process until he can no longer place x more sweets in bag #x than in bag #(x-1). The remaining gems then go back to his treasure trove.

How many bags of gems did Chork manage to fill?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 41

Difficulty Rating: 3

Chork is very mad that his puzzles are getting solved so quickly and scowls.


What is the answer?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 40

Difficulty Rating: 6

The emperor gathered the 100 wisest men in his empire and set them a task. If they manage to complete the task impressively, they will be generously rewarded.

The task is as such. The 100 men will be placed in a straight line and either a black hat or a white hat will be placed on their heads. Once they are lined up, they are not allowed to
(1) communicate amongst themselves
(2) turn back and look behind them
(3) remove the hat on their heads

The wise men will be able to see all the hats in front of him, but not the colour of his own hat or the colours of the hats behind him. They will, however, be able to hear the answers of the people behind them.

The king will then start with the man right at the back and ask: "What is the colour of your hat?" The wise man is only allowed to answer "black" or "white" and nothing more. After which, the man is not allowed to say anything more.

The king will the move on to the next man in line and ask the same question, all the way until he reaches the last man. Each man can only speak up when the king asks him the question and can say nothing more than "black" or "white". At the end of the whole task, the king will then tally the number of correct answers.

Before the wise men were lined up, they were allowed to get together and strategise, but they were told that the king would randomly line the men up.

What is the maximum number of correct answers that is GUARANTEED if the men strategise correctly?
If you know the answer, post it in the comments section of this post.