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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 47

Difficulty Rating: 7

Previous Riki's Adventures: Puzzle 25

Riki the explorer bids you to follow him on his latest adventure again! Having secured the Everstone in puzzle 25, Riki feels more confident to go for another treasure hunting trip! Here's Riki, all packed and ready to go!

This time round, he is journeying into the depths of the Amazon rainforest to hunt for a rare tribal totem.

After a long trudge through the forest, Riki and you finally found yourselves before an ancient tomb. The tomb was well hidden amongst lush vegetation, and the stone tomb door was closed. Beside the tomb were some statues with letters engraved below them. Are they worth inspecting...?

Just then, the sharp-eyed Riki quickly spotted 10 levers near the tomb, labelled A-J from left to right. The levers look old from disuse. Still, both of you do not have any other clues to help you all along, so perhaps pulling one of these levers might help.

Riki was about to pull the lever nearest to him when he realised a similar message was engraved on each of the levers: "Be warned, intruders! Only one lever opens the door to the sacred chamber. The rest will bring you certain doom..."

Riki gulped. This is too risky to be left to chance.

Which lever should he pull?
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