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Friday, November 17, 2006

Chork's Puzzle 49

Difficulty Rating: 4

On another of Chork's trips, he visited this small rural village called the Village of Uso. There were only 11 inhabitants in this village and the interesting fact about them is that they either always lie or always tell the truth. Upon reaching the village, Chork was warmly welcomed by the villagers who held a small party for him. As 2 of the villagers, Jessie and Kevin were sick, they were not present at the party. Nevertheless, Chork soon engaged himself with a conversation with the 9 other villagers:

"Say, out of the 11 villagers here, how many of you always lie?" Chork asked.

And Chork received a rather interesting reply from the 9 villagers present.

Andy's answer was 10.
Ben's answer was 7.
Colin's answer was 3.
Debbie's answer was 6.
Eric's answer was 11.
Fanny's answer was 5.
Gilly's answer was 6.
Hannah's answer was 4.
Isaac's answer was 10.

How many of the 11 villagers always lie?
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